<![CDATA[A little adrift - Blog]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2015 01:36:45 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[Saint Lucia here we come!!]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:57:09 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/saint-lucia-here-we-comeFinally the time had come for Derv and I to fly out to Saint Lucia, I hadn't slept for a week and my suitcase was fit to burst. I was ready for some Hilton family time! Oh and to see Josh...

We flew out on the 9th of December from Dublin to Philadelphia, then onto Miami and finally flying into sunny Saint Lucia on the 10th of December. The weather was amazing and we were greeting by a wonderfully friendly taxi man to take us to the hotel. We had 2 nights booked just in case the boat hadn't arrived yet into the marina. 

The taxi pulled up and Katherine, Tom and Josh were sitting in the foyer waiting for us. It was wonderful to see them. Such a relief after a long couple of days travelling.

This is a view from the other side of the island to Rodney Bay marina. Such a beautiful view. 

<![CDATA[Girls visit to Las Palmas]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:44:53 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/girls-visit-to-las-palmasTo break up the time that we had in Ireland, we booked some flights to Las Palmas to visit every one and to spend some time on the boat. It was very cold in Ireland so we were ready to see some sun. We flew from Dublin airport on the 5th of November. We only planned to be with them for a week and they were due to leave Las Palmas to start the Arc race on the 22nd of November. There were Arc seminars, parties and lots of events happening that week in preparation for the atlantic crossing.
Having not seen the boys for 6 weeks we were very excited!!
The team were united!!

In Las Palmas there was a wall with every boats logo painted on, so we did ours with all of our hand prints on. Of course ours was a lot bigger than everyone else. 

The Arc + boats left on the 8th of November to head over to Cape Verdes islands before doing the Atlantic crossing to join us in St Lucia.

Here are some of the boats on the starting line, it was very exciting. Lots of cheering and whistling!

Classic group shot, just in case anyone didn't know what we were doing or what boat we were from....
<![CDATA[Boys leave the UK]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:20:35 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/boys-leave-the-ukOn September the 23rd Derv and I drove the boys to Stansted Airport. They were joining the boat in Portugal where Mum, Dad and Katherine were waiting for them. Josh and Tom were extremely excited and hardly slept the previous night. It was the start of their adventure!
Both very excited about seeing some sun and get onto the boat.
<![CDATA[Little Trip To Portugal]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 10:31:34 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/little-trip-to-portugalHaving not seen Mum and Dad in a while I decided to book a flight out to Lisbon in Portugal to go and see how they are getting on. 

My cousin Pippa decided to come along with me for a week as well, so we left London on Friday the 12th of August and arrived in sunny Lisbon.
We met Mum and Dad at the airport which was lovely, it felt like I hadn't seen them in so long. Mum was toned and tanned and Dad had coloured too! amazing!

I wasn't planning on doing much in Portugal as I had had a pretty hectic few weeks and needed a little bit of R and R. Pippa had other ideas however and my Kindle soon got reluctantly put away...
Ma and Pa, looking happy and healthy. In matching tops and sunglasses.
The boat is moored in Cascais which is a beautiful little town, really pretty and traditional. Dad took me to the fruit and vegetable market and also the fish market which was wonderful. Dad bought some fresh Tuna to make his spectacular fish dish, I was blown away at how good it was. I think the head chef role should definitely be given to Dad when it comes to fish.
This is the house that my Grandmother came and stayed in when she was 6 years old.
The first week we were quite busy, down at the market, doing a little bit of shopping and on the wednesday we went to the Aquarium in Lisbon which was well worth a visit. Then it was Friday and Pippa flew back to London.

Pippin and I
This was Dad's spaghetti 'wit' clams, It was delicious! We will definitely be making this again with whatever shellfish we can find. We are going to try and catch as much food as we can, so that we aren't having to go and buy local fish etc. Tom should be more than capable at catching something yummy but I think mums got a couple of tins of tuna just in case.

On my last night we went out to a lovely little restaurant and had fish again, its kind of difficult to get away from! 
It was sad saying good bye but exciting at the same time because I would be seeing them in Las Palmas. Somewhere new to explore!
<![CDATA[Poorly Josh]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 16:14:47 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/poorly-joshOk, so I have got a lot of updating to do! Sorry for the delay in posting these last few months, It's been pretty hectic!

So Joshua has been in and out of the hospital for various reasons resulting in him needing to go in to have a little growth removed from his chest. This had to be done pretty pronto so that he recovered in time to leave and join the 'Travellers' (Mum and Dad)

So on a August the 13th we made our way down to Guys Hospital in London REALLY early in the morning. He was very pleased with his outfit, I have never seen him looking so good to be honest.
Josh and his socks...
These were by far the funniest part of the whole hospital trip, apparently Clavin Kleins 'aren't good enough' pffttt
So 2 days later Joshua had two drains removed, his chest wound was healing well and he had passed a stool. All was well again! With a mountain of medication and some very sore wounds we made our way home with Derv in tow. 

Lets hope thats the end of any major surgery scares for the near future thank you Mr Arnold.

<![CDATA[June 22nd, 2015]]>Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:47:33 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/june-22nd-2015
Sunday morning Mum gets the charts out with a little confused Joshua. Its a lot to take in but he's trying! Jimmy James also arrived today. He will be helping take the boat to Plymouth, so I got his bunk ready for his stay on Blue. It definitely felt like home when I left yesterday and I cannot wait to be back on in Portugal.

After a couple of days with lots of visitors, this is what happens when Mum exhausts herself. At least she still has her life jacket on...
<![CDATA[Leaving Ipswich]]>Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:44:07 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/leaving-ipswichThe weekend beginning the 19th of June the boat was open for friends and family to come on board to have a look at where we will be living for the next 2 + years. In the morning on the Saturday Josh's sister, her husband and little Ethan arrived to have a tour of the boat. A little later the Grandparents arrived and with Nanna having had her knee recently replaced, we did not think that she would be able to get down into the saloon to see much at all but low and behold! she made it down smoothly and easily. We were all quite amazed. Grandma was great too, she was like a gazelle! Who said you aren't agile at 83...

The boat got a little full once we had everyone inside so Tom got segregated to the naughty step, his mouth is full of sausage rolls i'm guessing.

Later on we had Auntie Pam, Uncle Tony, Vanessa, Auntie Lucille, Robert and Emma join us for a cup of tea and a piece of Nessies delicious Victoria sponge. Josh's parents we last to arrive but it was lovely to have everyone together before Mum and Dad leave. It got a little emotional towards the end but we all knew it would! It's nice to see that they will be missed.
<![CDATA[Trip to Blue]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 10:01:43 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/trip-to-blueToday we went to visit Into the Blue hoping that she would be put into the water. Unfortunately when we got down to Fox's boatyard something had broken off the bottom of the boat which needed to be fixed. 

However, it was lovely to see the progress that had been made on her and to see her looking all nice and shiny! Rodney are I were picturing ourselves fishing, jumping, eating and messing around on the front of the boat. To say we're excited is an understatement.
It was a beautifully sunny day and we were all getting even more excited! (if thats at all possible) Whilst talking to some of the workmen, Dad and Tom managed to get a dive compressor and 2 air tanks which came off another yacht for pretty much nothing. So even though the boat didn't go into the water it was a trip worth made!

They had also redone her name which looks great.
<![CDATA[Wisdom Teeth]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 09:09:30 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/wisdom-teethOn my recent trip to Rome with Joshua I had some problems with my lower wisdom teeth, so after a trip to the dentist and me filling him in on our travelling plans I went to the hospital on the 1st of June to have all 4 removed.....
It wasn't a pleasant experience but rather that than Dad standing on my head in the middle of the pacific ocean pulling out my teeth himself! (Thats bound to make your teeth hurt just thinking about it)

Now I have what looks like a growth on the side of my face.... hey ho! Onwards and upwards!
<![CDATA[Coral Reefs at the Victoria and AlbertĀ ]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 08:58:34 GMThttp://thehiltonsadrift.weebly.com/blog/coral-reefs-at-the-victoria-and-albert30th April 2015
Dad and Tom had a meeting in London today so Mum tagged along as I was off work. I wanted to take her somewhere that would be informative and also interesting, so what better exhibition than the Coral Reef Exhibition at the V and A.

Mum isn't into scuba diving (Yet) but we all love fish and anything to do with the sea.
There was a beautiful fish tank at the end. We stood and watched it for a while!
There was a lot in the exhibition about preserving the coral reefs, it extremely important to make sure you leave only bubbles when visiting....
I will print this out and put it on the boat!
On our day out in London, the sun was shining so all Tom wanted was an ice cream. So to make him happy we took him to an ice cream parlour in South Kensington. He was a very happy boy!